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Removes also Corona from the air
The purest indoor air for all spaces, as proven by research. Separation rate more than 99% in 0.1 µm size range.

UniqAir air purifiers

UniqAir air purifiers filter indoor air, removing impurities that are harmful to human health. They use premium Finnish technology tested by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland* and proven effective when used by clients.

UniqAir purifies air

Breathe UniqAir and feel the difference.

Totally pure indoor air relieves symptoms, raises energy levels and improves concentration.

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Uniq air purifier for your home or workplace

Conveniently available from our webstore.

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Rent the UniqAir PRO for your more demanding spaces

Trial period without commitment.

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UniqAir Guarantees Clean Air for the Finnish Olympic Team

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Do you know what you breathe in?

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Sisäilmanpuhdistimet antavat lisäaikaa päätökselle

Indoor air purifiers allow more time for decision-making.

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