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  • “We use UniqAir air purifiers the most in renovated buildings, because they remove the smell and various compounds that are extracted to indoor air from new construction materials. Another use for the UniqAir air purifiers is to form a barrier in site cleaning between finished construction work and work that is still under construction.”

    Niina Kesti emphasises that their third use for UniqAir would save huge sums of money for all owners of the building: ”UniqAir considerably shortens the time of introducing buildings into use. Typically, the ventilation time in the introduction of buildings can be several months. And this is time that property owners would have the premises empty and without income from rents.”

    Poistoa Oy, Managing Director Niina Kesti


  • Exposure to indoor air problems leads to serious illnesses. In 2012, Merja was diagnosed as having asthma. Asthmatic persons are often more apt than others to sense if there are problems with indoor air in the building. “This protected building has been thoroughly investigated, which we must be thankful for! The research has shown that we are faced with water damage and problems caused by mould and fungal spores in this building. The research also showed that our indoor air contains dangerous carbohydrates. The values were strongly exceeded and at all locations where measured”, says Merja with a serious tone in her voice. There was a clear need for indoor air improvement. In November 2016, UniqAir was placed Merja’s office space. “As soon as I received UniqAir, the symptoms started to ease immediately”.

    City of Hanko, Foreman of the park unit at the Technical and Environmental Office Merja Rönkkö

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We are a supporting member of the Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate.

Tested by VTT (report VTT-CR-01662-17 I Mar 24, 2017)


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