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Kiikka and Paulig join indoor air purifier producer UniqAir – popularity of unique air purifiers growing rapidly

Jan 4, 2017

Two companies investing in Finnish growth companies, Kiikka’s Sontek Ltd and the Paulig family investment company, Oy The English Tearoom Ab, have become key shareholders of UniqAir Ltd, alongside the company’s founders. UniqAir Ltd, based in Lappeenranta, is a company that designs and manufactures effective air purifiers for indoor use. The air purifiers, originally developed for the needs of the Finnish Defence Forces, have gained popularity especially in schools and hospitals.

UniqAir designs and manufactures air purifiers in Finland. The first purifier was originally developed for the special needs of the defence forces. They are especially well suited for improving indoor air quality in schools, nurseries, hospitals, and other facilities in need of renovation.

”Too many Finnish children and adults suffer in their everyday life from symptoms caused by poor indoor air. There are many schools and nurseries in Finland with moisture and mold problems. Based on reports and unbiased expert statements, the UniqAir purifier is the only solution on the market that really works”, says Petri Kiikka, Chairman of the Board of Sontek.

”As a family company we consider this an important issue, and want to take part in increasing the use of UniqAir indoor air purifiers. With its innovation, UniqAir provides a real solution to the growing indoor air problem. We see this as a lucrative investment opportunity and wish to support the company’s growth”, tells Eduard Paulig, Chairman of the Board of The English Tearoom.

“Considerably expanding our shareholder base increases our possibilities to develop our operations. During the first years of the company we have mainly focused on sales in Finland. This investment opens up an opportunity to expand our operations to Sweden, and, in time, to serve Finns operating abroad as well. We receive an important support network for comprehensively developing

our operations and solutions”, tells Panu Riikonen, CEO of UniqAir.

”The UniqAir indoor air purifier is a masterpiece of Finnish engineering which improves the health and quality of life of the people in Finland. The purifier removes all hazardous impurities from indoor air. We have delivered appliances to schools, hospitals, and nurseries. They have been received extremely well among our clients”, Riikonen says.

For more information, please contact:

Panu Riikonen, CEO, UniqAir Ltd, tel. +358 40 563 8520, panu.riikonen@uniqair.fi