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UniqAirs are currently used as a safe, effective, and fast first aid for indoor air problems in schools, nurseries, nursing homes, hospitals, health centres, parish properties, housing companies, and corporations.

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      “We use UniqAir air purifiers the most in renovated buildings, because they remove the smell and various compounds that are extracted to indoor air from new construction materials. Another use for the UniqAir air purifiers is to form a barrier in site cleaning between finished construction work and work that is still under construction.”

      Niina Kesti emphasises that their third use for UniqAir would save huge sums of money for all owners of the building: ”UniqAir considerably shortens the time of introducing buildings into use. Typically, the ventilation time in the introduction of buildings can be several months. And this is time that property owners would have the premises empty and without income from rents.”

      Poistoa Oy, Managing Director Niina Kesti


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      Exposure to indoor air problems leads to serious illnesses. In 2012, Merja was diagnosed as having asthma. Asthmatic persons are often more apt than others to sense if there are problems with indoor air in the building. “This protected building has been thoroughly investigated, which we must be thankful for! The research has shown that we are faced with water damage and problems caused by mould and fungal spores in this building. The research also showed that our indoor air contains dangerous carbohydrates. The values were strongly exceeded and at all locations where measured”, says Merja with a serious tone in her voice. There was a clear need for indoor air improvement. In November 2016, UniqAir was placed Merja’s office space. “As soon as I received UniqAir, the symptoms started to ease immediately”.

      City of Hanko, Foreman of the park unit at the Technical and Environmental Office Merja Rönkkö

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      Teijo Hyytiäinen says that the introduction of UniqAir air purifiers made three important things possible. “First of all, our production continued, and there was no need for an expensive, temporary relocation of the personnel to other premises. Second, we could take the time to investigate the problems that occurred in the premises and look for solutions with various experts. Third, and the most important, the symptoms that the personnel used to have, were gone. The best praise we received was when the person with the most difficult symptoms could finish working remotely from home and return to the office.”

      Brand Factory, Real Estate Manager, Industrial Safety Officer

      Teijo Hyytiäinen

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      I have been working in the bank in various positions since 1990. Already in the 90s, we used to have an indoor air working group which met on a regular basis, Seija begins. “People used to think that indoor air purifiers are useless, but for example during the past year, the purifiers have aroused an increasing amount of discussion in the media as well as in our working community. Now our people trust UniqAir air purifiers, because they really help. When people have been using UniqAir in their offices, they have also wanted to take it with them when moving to new premises in which, according to investigations, everything is functioning.”

      ”In one of our offices we have faced a problem with microbes. Some people started to have symptoms. Some were diagnosed as having idiopathic environmental intolerance”, says Seija. According to Duodecim, typical causes of idiopathic environmental intolerance are smells and chemicals. UniqAir was helpful against the symptoms of the personnel, because it cleans indoor air from dangerous causes for those symptoms, such as smells, dust, microbes, bacteria, viruses, and allergens.

      Danske Bank, National industrial safety delegate

      Seija Gustafsson

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      The Parish Union of Vantaa is a responsible employer which wishes to create a safe and healthy working environment for its employees. As it turned out that some of our employees had difficulty breathing in some of the premises of the building, a decision was made to correct the situation.

      ”This room used to be physically difficult to stay in. Now that I don’t need to worry about breathing anymore, I can better concentrate on my work. Health is the number one issue for me. I would not want to risk that.”

      When asked to describe in one word, how is it to breathe clean air purified by UniqAir, Arttu smiles. “I thought about it for quite a while. It’s so clean that it’s elegant.”


      Arttu Ronkainen

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      “UniqAir’s air purifiers have been a very suitable solution for us in many situations”, says Marko Pasanen, the heating, plumbing and air conditioning specialist at Savo Consortium for Education. High-quality service and observation of the customer are of great value in varying conditions. “Due to the varying needs, it has been important for us that the equipment has been available for use specifically when we need it.”

      Heating, plumbing and air conditioning specialist

      Marko Pasanen

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      “The personnel has no longer reported about symptoms with children. I can notice even myself that I have been able to work better. I no longer suffer from continuous pain in the throat, nor would I lose my voice.”

      Deputy Manager

      Anne Kalliovaara

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      ”And when planning a renovation, you can extend the service life of the premises

      with the help of an air purifier. At the same time, you can avoid making any solutions in panic,

      because there is no reason to make hasty moves when clarifying the renovation needs.”

      Construction engineer Ari Torniainen

      Lappeenranta City executive board

      Member of Parliament

      Kuntatekniikka magazine 7/2015